“It’s all about the joy of sharing music with people we love. Our waters run deep and our radio station is the hub of our community. We offer a safe, welcoming haven for DJs and listeners to come together in friendship and bond over a shared passion for music.”

Web player

Listen using your favourite browser right here, you’ll find the play button on the left. This’ll pop out a little player, just for you! x

Add to Sonos App for iOS or Android

  1. From the Browse tab, select TuneIn
  2. Tap My Radio Stations
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right and tap Add New Radio Station
  4. Copy and paste in https://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls (if this doesn’t work, try http://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls)
  5. The station will be listed and available in the My Radio Stations section under TuneIn

Add to Sonos App for Mac or PC:

  1. Select Manage and Add Radio Station
  2. Paste in the URL https://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls, and type in the name of the station Radio Waters (if this doesn’t work, try the URL http://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls)
  3. From the Sonos music menu, navigate to TuneIn > My Radio Stations where the newly-added station will be listed.

On a Mac, the “Manage” menu can be found in the toolbar in the top left corner of the screen. On a PC, the “Manage” menu is found at the top left of the Sonos application.

Add to custom station to Denon HEOS/Tunein

  1. Install the TuneIn App for iOS or Android
  2. Start the app and create a free TuneIn account, if you don’t already have one
  3. Go to the library tab, and scroll down to the bottom of your Favorites list
  4. Click Add Custom URL at the bottom of the screen, and paste in the URL https://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls, then click on Search
  5. The station will start to play back automatically on your phone within a few seconds
  6. Go to the Now Playing screen and hit the heart symbol in the upper right corner. Enter a name for your custom stream (i.e. Radio Waters)
  7. In TuneIn, the stream will be listed in your favourites
  8. Open your HEOS app, and check that you’re logged-in to your HEOS account
  9. Go to Music > Settings > Music Sources > Online Music > TuneIn and ensure that you have entered your TuneIn login credentials
  10. Go back to the Music tab, tap on TuneIn, and select My Favourites (note: if you can’t see the folder My Favourites under TuneIn in the HEOS app, you have to add one additional available radio station on TuneIn to be marked as ‘Favourite’)
  11. Radio Waters should now be in the TuneIn Favourites list in the HEOS app, and you can select it to play.

Note that Radio Waters won’t show up in the Favourites tile in the Music tab – you have to select it from the TuneIn Favourites list.

Squeezebox Server

Log into mysqueezebox.com, go to Favourites, Add Favourite, and enter the stream URL https://control.internet.radio.com:2199/tunein/radiowaters.pls.

Or if you use one of the following Media players, just click the URL in the table below and you will float aboard the good ship Radio Waters:

Winamp, iTunes https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/tunein/radiowaters.pls
Windows Media Player https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/tunein/radiowaters.asx
Real Player https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/tunein/radiowaters.ram
QuickTime https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/tunein/radiowaters.qtl
Stream Proxy https://uk5.internet-radio.com/stream/radiowaters/stream.pls