How about more. . . Chilled

Tom and Vannie's Sunday Roast

Tom and Vannie have been broadcasting their Sunday lunchtime show for many years. Expect the unexpected. An incredibly eclectic mix of genres, styles, tempos and artists, there's sure to be something you like. Tom will most likely play some acid cos he just can't help himself. Vannie will probably make you cry but not intentionally. Tune in every 4 weeks on Sunday to find out more.

You can expect to hear Acid, Acoustic, Ambient, Balearic, Chilled, Dub, Eclectic, Electronica, Experimental, Folk, Folktronica, Funk, Mellow, Pop, Reggae, Ska and Soul in this show by Vannie Bee and Tom.

Hartford’s Brunch

The return of Hartford's Brunch! Chilled tunes on a Sunday morning, hopefully not accompanied by barking.

You can expect to hear Chilled, Electronic, Folk and Folktronica in this show by Laura.

Uncle Karlos Plays…

Something magically for a Sunday morning!

You can expect to hear Ambient, Chill Out and Chilled in this show by Karlos.