How about more. . . Breaks

Vannie's Rollerskating Jam

Saturday night tunes to get you grooving. A bit wonky, a bit funky with just the right amount of wob.

You can expect to hear Beats, Breaks, Electronica, Folktronica, Funk and House in this show by Vannie Bee.

Dusty Dee's Winter solstice

Dark folk / electronica / hip hop / breaks / ‘60’s psychedelia / punk / techno / disco re-edits / D & B + more..

You can expect to hear 60’s psychedelia, Breaks, Dark folk, disco re-edits, Electronica, Hip Hop, punk and Techno in this show by Dusty Dee.

Guey's "You'll Get What You're Given"

Each show will probably have a different feel, depending on what I’ve bought recently, or what odd obsession I might have going on at the time. Hence “You’ll Get What You’re Given” ‘cos I’ve no real idea from show to show what I’ll play.

You can expect to hear Balearic, Beats, Breaks, Chilled, Disco, Eclectic, Electronica, Experimental, Funk, House and Soul in this show by Guey.