How about more. . . Soul

Songs of Praise

If you are looking for something to boogie round the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, look no further. Only the best in soul, funk and disco. But that's just for starters. We'll take you on a musical journey that you won't want to leave. And, of course, our chat between tracks needs to be heard to be believed!

You can expect to hear 80s, Balearic, Chilled, Disco, Electronic, Funk, Hip Hop, House and Soul in this show by Marts and MistaV.

It's all gravy with Rach & Kieran

Rach and Kieran are an Anglo-American double act who broadcast from a brick outhouse in the highlands of Hampshire near the source of the River Wey. They tend to play positive, mid-tempo music that’s often laced with innuendo and sometimes peppered with swearing.

You can expect to hear Disco, Electronica, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Latin, Pop, Rock, Soca and Soul in this show by Rach and Kieran.

Ommina's Ravetime

You can expect to hear Chilled, Disco, Drum and Bass, Electronica, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Reggae, Rock, Soul and Techno in this show by Ommina.

Tom and Vannie's Sunday Roast

Tom and Vannie have been broadcasting their Sunday lunchtime show for many years. Expect the unexpected. An incredibly eclectic mix of genres, styles, tempos and artists, there's sure to be something you like. Tom will most likely play some acid cos he just can't help himself. Vannie will probably make you cry but not intentionally. Tune in every 4 weeks on Sunday to find out more.

You can expect to hear Acid, Acoustic, Ambient, Balearic, Chilled, Dub, Eclectic, Electronica, Experimental, Folk, Folktronica, Funk, Mellow, Pop, Reggae, Ska and Soul in this show by Vannie Bee and Tom.

Guey's "You'll Get What You're Given"

Each show will probably have a different feel, depending on what I’ve bought recently, or what odd obsession I might have going on at the time. Hence “You’ll Get What You’re Given” ‘cos I’ve no real idea from show to show what I’ll play.

You can expect to hear Balearic, Beats, Breaks, Chilled, Disco, Eclectic, Electronica, Experimental, Funk, House and Soul in this show by Guey.