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Introducing. . . Laura XOR

It’s probably easier to describe what Laura XOR isn’t, rather than what it is. It’s not mainstream, it’s not retro and it’s certainly nowhere near disco! Driven by an almost obsessive need to have just the right soundtrack for The Moment, when the vibe is uptempo there may be drum and bass, jungle and gnarly electronica, and downtempo vibes lead towards hip-hop, chilled electronica and maybe even the odd bit of bluegrass. Put down your preconceptions and tune-in!

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Laura’s random radio statistics

Ever wondered about our listeners? The average time they listen for? How many unique listeners we've had in a year? What country our biggest listener is from!? How about the tracks? What track had the most disconnections? What track was played most? Who the most popular artist is amongst our DJs? Tune in for this and other random snippets interspersed with some great tunes!

You can expect to hear Chilled, Electronic and Folk in this show by Laura XOR.